What To Do When Your Traffic Falls Off A Cliff

It’s bound to happen sooner or later – You will sit down at your computer, log into Google Analytics, and see that traffic has fallen. With any luck, you will be the first person to notice this. If you are less lucky, you will get panicked emails from your marketing department, sales people, or boss. […]

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Simple Tips For Working With What People, Why People and How People

It’s the moment everyone in marketing dreads: Your boss calls you into their office, looks at you across the desk and asks a terrifying 5-word question: “So… How are we doing?” Stop. Breathe. Think. Are you defending your own work or are you trying to help the business? There’s a big difference. It’s tempting to […]

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Review – The Ultimate Keyword Tool

We Test Out The “Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool” by Found As a fairly new digital marketer, one of my overarching goals is to become faster and more efficient in common pay-per-click advertising tasks. Campaign builds and ad group/keyword additions are important jobs for a PPC account manager; however, compiling hundreds, or even thousands, of […]

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How to Tie the Knot Between Analytics and AdWords

In today’s progressive, forward-thinking and politically correct world, it’s harder and harder to share an honest opinion without offending somebody. Note: What I’m about to say will likely raise noses and lead to criticism, but it is worth the battle in reaching equality for everyone and everything.   I want to show you how you can tie […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Diagnosing Traffic Drops in Google Analytics

You arrive at the office one Monday morning, expecting it to be like any other day. You grab your coffee, chat with your coworkers, and finally make it to your desk to do your daily morning activities. That’s when you notice… Your traffic dropped off. *screams in the distance* A LOT of your traffic dropped […]

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The 5 Keys to Your Success in AdWords

Developing these key areas of your management strategy will put you in the position to create success on your terms, rather than relying on random chance and the good fortunes of the Google Gods.     At some point,we’ve all seen that AdWords account: abysmal click-through-rates, abnormal costs-per-acquisition, awful impression share and atrocious conversions. The […]

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How To Diagnose A Drop In PPC Traffic

  “Why has my click volume dropped?” “Why are my impressions lower than they were last week?” “Why aren’t I making any sales?” These are some questions you might ask yourself when you go into your Adwords account and check day-over-day, or week-over-week data. You’ll look at the nice graph you first see in your […]

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