What is Direct Traffic?

“What Is Direct Traffic?” It sounds like a straightforward question, doesn’t it? If you’ve looked at your Google Analytics channel data or had a brief summary of your web traffic, you’d likely think – “That’s simple. It’s people who came directly to my website.” But ask any digital marketer worth their salt (and/or yak butter […]

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The 4 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing

As digital marketers we’re tasked with taking on new clients or transitioning existing clients to another Strategist. Before we use our swiss army knife of skill sets to drive traffic to these sites, it’s best to flush out any lingering issues you have with your analytics solution of choice. After all, you’re spending hundreds of […]

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7 Reasons You Should Give Google Adwords Your Money

It’s true: Adwords isn’t cheap. For small and mid-sized businesses, setting aside thousands of dollars each month for Adwords can be too scary of a path to venture down without a Google Certified Partner like myself or another account manager at their side. Unfortunately, this fear of the unknown causes many small and mid-sized businesses […]

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Google Analytics Alerts You Need Now (Updated!)

    Google Analytics is the know-all intelligence source for actionable decisions: if someone comes to your site and behaves in a certain way, it translates their action(s) into a metric — session duration, pages visited, behavior flow–and provides it to you as quantitative data. As advertisers and digital marketing experts, we’re tasked with collecting […]

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