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Simple Tips For Working With What People, Why People and How People

It’s the moment everyone in marketing dreads: Your boss calls you into their office, looks at you across the desk and asks a terrifying 5-word question: “So… How are we doing?” Stop. Breathe. Think. Are you defending your own work or are you trying to help the business? There’s a big difference. It’s tempting to […]

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Are Funny Social Ads The Right Choice For Your Business?

  It’s a proven fact that humor is a great driver for advertising performance. In fact, along with fear (yay, fear!), it’s the top emotion to elicit in your audience to hold their attention and keep your brand at the top of their mind. Combining the attention-grabbing power of a funny advertising gimmick with the easy […]

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A Simple Roadmap For Promoting Your Next Blog Post

  You’ve written a truly 10x article. The last time you published a great article, it generated a couple dozen social shares, a backlink, a dozen views. After a few days, your little “traffic bump” disappeared entirely. The sum of your last few blog posts amounts to some long-tail Organic traffic, and not much else. […]

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Before You Sit Down To Blog

5 Things To Do Before You Write A Single Word   Everyone knows that they should start a blog. Whether your business is big or small, or you just have a website that needs more visability, publishing great content on a regular business will help bring more visitors to your site and expand your sales […]

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Tactics and Tools for Proofing Blog Posts

From ideation through publishing, you probably value writing and design over everything else. It’s the thinking and the presentation. It’s the real meat of the work. Everything else is just process. But if you’re producing high quality content, the grunt work of editing and proofreading are keys to preventing embarrassing editorial errors. So how do […]

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