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Master Facebook Ads in 3 Hours (Video Training Guide)

Facebook Ads is a difficult platform to learn. It’s no different than learning, say, Google AdWords, but the amount of moving pieces at work require advertisers to plan and strategize deeply to find ongoing success.   With multiple ad types, complex settings choices, user interfaces with learning curves, and a platform that brings relevant but […]

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What To Do When Your Traffic Falls Off A Cliff

It’s bound to happen sooner or later – You will sit down at your computer, log into Google Analytics, and see that traffic has fallen. With any luck, you will be the first person to notice this. If you are less lucky, you will get panicked emails from your marketing department, sales people, or boss. […]

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What is Yahoo Gemini?

Is Yahoo Gemini The Next Advertising Platform For Your Business?   Good marketers are always on the lookout for new platforms and opportunities to reach a wider audience – and this adage is doubly true for digital marketers.   In terms of digital advertising, Adwords is a universal constant, Bing is a second thought and […]

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Are Google’s Search Page Updates Hurting Your Organic Search Results?

Want to drive more qualified traffic to your site? Of course you do! You probably are aware that search engines are the first channel you should tackle. Of the 5 digital marketing channels (Organic Search, Referral, Paid Search, Social and Email), the search results pages drive Organic and Paid, and are the best for driving new users. These […]

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Why Can’t I See My Ads?

  Every consumer purchase is driven by a real or perceived need. Typical consumer purchases deliver instant gratification, as the buyer walks out of the store with the item that fills their need. For businesses investing in new marketing channels, the same concept can be applied over a longer term – It is the business […]

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Are Destination Marketing Organizations wasting money?

It’s time to take a fresh look at Desination Marketing Destination Marketing Organizations are responsible for marketing and promotion of their area to increase year-round visitation. With visitation comes business for the local economy, but most importantly people staying in hotel rooms. Most destinations have some form of local lodging facility use tax, which is a […]

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Hello From The Other Side

Hello, it’s Bing I was wondering if after all these weeks You’d like to meet, to go over paid strategies They said updates are supposed to heal ya But I ain’t done much healing Hello, can you hear me? I’m in the internet dreaming about the ads we both could see When we were simpler […]

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