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How To Attribute AdWords to closed sales without a CRM (B2B Edition)

The Challenge One of the hardest questions to answer as a marketing professional is, “How can we measure the return on our advertising investment”? Before the turn of the 21st century, advertisers used to rely on metrics like readership, exposure and impressions received from their marketing spend. These metrics indicate the breadth of reach from […]

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Star Wars & Adwords

How to Build your ‘SEMpire’ Growing up watching Star Wars was a defining experience for me. I want to say that I learned so many life lessons about perseverance, hope during times of futility, and how good always trumps evil. As these themes can certainly be pulled relatively easily from the plot of Star Wars, […]

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How To Set Up Bing Remarketing

Whether you’re a seasoned marketing veteran or new to paid advertising, it’s likely that you’ve heard of remarketing (or retargeting) somewhere along the way. Companies like AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Rejoiner and, of course, Google Adwords, have entire platforms dedicated to bringing interested customers back into your sales funnel. Whether you’re using Search, Shopping or Display, […]

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How to Tie the Knot Between Analytics and AdWords

In today’s progressive, forward-thinking and politically correct world, it’s harder and harder to share an honest opinion without offending somebody. Note: What I’m about to say will likely raise noses and lead to criticism, but it is worth the battle in reaching equality for everyone and everything.   I want to show you how you can tie […]

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The 5 Keys to Your Success in AdWords

Developing these key areas of your management strategy will put you in the position to create success on your terms, rather than relying on random chance and the good fortunes of the Google Gods.     At some point,we’ve all seen that AdWords account: abysmal click-through-rates, abnormal costs-per-acquisition, awful impression share and atrocious conversions. The […]

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How To Diagnose A Drop In PPC Traffic

  “Why has my click volume dropped?” “Why are my impressions lower than they were last week?” “Why aren’t I making any sales?” These are some questions you might ask yourself when you go into your Adwords account and check day-over-day, or week-over-week data. You’ll look at the nice graph you first see in your […]

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How to Organize Your Adwords Account: Labels

  A wise industry blogger once said that when you’re not optimizing an Adwords account–adjusting bids, pausing keywords, A/B testing ad copy, adding negative keywords–you should be organizing. As much as we would like to make strategic changes to account structure, it’s an unfortunate fact of both statistics and traffic limitations that there just isn’t […]

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