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3 Starting Points for a Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Start A Fresh Online Marketing Campaign You want to expand your marketing presence online. Maybe your boss is finally ready to trust the internet for more than just mobile games, or perhaps you’ve been to an event where you’ve heard about all the success your peers have been having with online sales and […]

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The 4 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing

As digital marketers we’re tasked with taking on new clients or transitioning existing clients to another Strategist. Before we use our swiss army knife of skill sets to drive traffic to these sites, it’s best to flush out any lingering issues you have with your analytics solution of choice. After all, you’re spending hundreds of […]

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7 Reasons You Should Give Google Adwords Your Money

It’s true: Adwords isn’t cheap. For small and mid-sized businesses, setting aside thousands of dollars each month for Adwords can be too scary of a path to venture down without a Google Certified Partner like myself or another account manager at their side. Unfortunately, this fear of the unknown causes many small and mid-sized businesses […]

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2 Tools For Shortcutting PPC Training

How to train a new Pay-Per-Click professional without any ‘knowledge leaks.’ There is no shortage of training resources for PPC/SEM novices. Getting started with the AdWords certification training materials, the Official AdWords blog, Wordstream’s PPC University, PPC Hero’s Whitepapers & Ultimate Guides, and is a good choice. Diving deeper into Brad Geddes Advanced […]

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Adwords Secrets Pt. 1: How To Convert With Competitive Keywords

If you manage an Adwords account with a medium-to-small budget, you know how hard it can be to be successful with broad and short-tail keywords. Just like the Fangorn Forest, there’s just too much unknown. Due to this, there’s been a popular strategy within Adwords to only go after the long-tail keywords – They’re less […]

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9 Things To Look Out For When Importing AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

  If you haven’t jumped on Bing already, now’s probably the time to start. With Bing’s own version of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) rolling out, Bing Product Ads finally picking up steam and a market share nearing 20%, with that number increasing during weekdays and working hours, now’s the time to capitalize on […]

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How To Measure The Performance Of Your PPC Campaigns | See, Think, Do

As an PPC internet marketer, I know that my accounts perform better than what my monthly reports indicate. The problem is that it’s hard to show this performance when the classic measurement framework only values the final step in the funnel – the conversion. But what happened before the conversion? The Old Framework From my […]

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