5 SEO Tips To Prepare For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The weekend after Thanksgiving in the US is often a record-breaking time for online marketers – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are high-water days for eCommerce sales, and the following weeks see the height of holiday shopping. This is the time to whip your digital marketing game into shape. It isn’t too late to tackle […]

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What To Do When Your Traffic Falls Off A Cliff

It’s bound to happen sooner or later – You will sit down at your computer, log into Google Analytics, and see that traffic has fallen. With any luck, you will be the first person to notice this. If you are less lucky, you will get panicked emails from your marketing department, sales people, or boss. […]

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How Collegiate A Cappella Can Make Your Content Pitch Perfect

If you’ve only heard of a cappella through Pentatonix’s YouTube Videos, watching Glee, or Pitch Perfect, you should know that there is far more to the world of a cappella than that. Today, there are an estimated twelve hundred collegiate a cappella groups in the U.S. alone. and in college I was a member of […]

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Gated vs Ungated Content: Getting The Most Out Out of Your Content

The debate for and against gated content has been raging particularly fiercely the last few years. Marketers have arrayed themselves on both sides of the issue in a climate where business owners are constantly claiming that users just want everything for free and content marketing doesn’t have a clear ROI. The fact is that content […]

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Google Penguin 4.0 – What’s Different and What It Means For Your Website Traffic

The Google Penguin has arrived … again! On Friday September 23’rd the rumbles started in the SEO-sphere, with fluctuations in Google Ranking reported early and continuing over the next few days. By early the next week it was confirmed: The latest Google Penguin update had rolled out, adding real-time functionality to the biggest web-spam fighting […]

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Why You Need A Content Marketing Program, Not Campaigns

    Content Marketing works for a lot of businesses, but it takes time. When pursuing any new strategy, tactic, or method, we first apply the models, frameworks and learnings that made our past efforts successful. Campaigns are a part of the advertising world that content marketers seemed to have adopted by default.   Marketing […]

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SEO: 12 Neuromarketing Hacks That Have Made My Clients Millions

Easy approaches to get user attention or:  How I got you to click this     In the field of digital marketing. Neuromarketing enables us to improve conversions. Why not game people to produce the ranking signals thatGoogle tries to monitor to assess relevance? With Neuro Hacks and growth hacking being all the rage, however, […]

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Amazon’s SEO Secrets

Why They’re Everywhere & How To Beat Them Anyone who has ever tried to market an eCommerce store knows the feeling: You take a survey of the competition and inevitably you run into a few big companies. If you’re in consumer goods maybe you’ll bump into Overstock, in construction: Home Depot, in industrial: Grainger. But […]

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