Are Google’s Search Page Updates Hurting Your Organic Search Results?

Want to drive more qualified traffic to your site? Of course you do! You probably are aware that search engines are the first channel you should tackle. Of the 5 digital marketing channels (Organic Search, Referral, Paid Search, Social and Email), the search results pages drive Organic and Paid, and are the best for driving new users. These […]

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Are Destination Marketing Organizations wasting money?

It’s time to take a fresh look at Desination Marketing Destination Marketing Organizations are responsible for marketing and promotion of their area to increase year-round visitation. With visitation comes business for the local economy, but most importantly people staying in hotel rooms. Most destinations have some form of local lodging facility use tax, which is a […]

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Escaping the Inbound Marketing Valley of Death

The Inbound Marketing Valley of Death Part Two When assessing the success or failure of your marketing efforts, it’s always crucial to take a long look at the costs and goals of each channel separately. Digital pay-per-click advertising has a fairly short feedback loop between investment and return while inbound marketing tactics have a fairly […]

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The Inbound Marketing Valley of Death, Pt. 1: Why You Can’t Cash In on Content

Do you feel like you got sold on inbound marketing – but your customers aren’t as convinced yet? Quantifying returns from inbound marketing is a challenge: it has a large initial investment, it demands significant intellectual capital, but  it could also have a lengthy time horizon. Many companies let their first foray into inbound marketing […]

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10 Ways To Repurpose Technical Content On Your Website

How “Boring” Businesses Can Market Themselves Better – Using The Content They Already Have!   We’ve all heard it by now: Content is King;  the key to online marketing success is producing and distributing high-quality content that will bring new users onto your website organically. This is an easy sell if you are in an […]

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Steps To Creating A Compelling Infographic

Make Your Data Beautiful With Powerful Infographics Data can be complex and overwhelming to look at, but  don’t worry if your eyes start to cross looking at that spreadsheet or word document – All is not lost! The job of an infographic is to make this data compelling and easy to read. They’re great visual […]

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How to Tie the Knot Between Analytics and AdWords

In today’s progressive, forward-thinking and politically correct world, it’s harder and harder to share an honest opinion without offending somebody. Note: What I’m about to say will likely raise noses and lead to criticism, but it is worth the battle in reaching equality for everyone and everything.   I want to show you how you can tie […]

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