How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas For Your Small Business

Coffee? Check. Open document? Check. Solid understanding of the importance of content marketing for your business goals? Check. Idea for what to blog about? … Um… Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is a great digital marketing practice. The search engines love it, but more importantly your audience should find it […]

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The Quick Guide to DAMN Good Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for a long time – business owners have always put their specialized knowledge to work to answer customer questions and demonstrate product value. But in addition to helping customers face-to-face, business owners and marketers must communicate all that same emotion and value of a product on the impersonal web. While […]

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The True Meaning of the Long Click

  Too often, we Inbound Marketing Strategists focus our attention on the ‘downstream’ aspects of search traffic. Our clients want to rank #1 for certain terms, gain more engaged traffic, and drive conversions in the form of sales or leads generated. We optimize pages, write new content, and build promotional campaigns, but too rarely do […]

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Keyword Stuffing is Still Alive and Well on Amazon

Good marketing demands outside-of-the-box thinking and evolving strategies that may outpace the output of standard tactics. In the rush to find something that works, many site owners, SEOs, Marketers, and digital strategists may forget that Google isn’t the only pony in town that affects a company’s bottom line. You can leverage Amazon’s absurdly long product […]

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Link Prospecting with Google AdWords

AdWords is an underutilized treasure trove for link builders. We know about the power of the Google Keyword Planner for new keyword ideas and ballpark search volume estimates but many are unaware of the other tools within Google AdWords that can provide a whole slew of link opportunities. Fortunately, I’ve put together a guide for […]

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How To Measure The Performance Of Your PPC Campaigns | See, Think, Do

As an PPC internet marketer, I know that my accounts perform better than what my monthly reports indicate. The problem is that it’s hard to show this performance when the classic measurement framework only values the final step in the funnel – the conversion. But what happened before the conversion? The Old Framework From my […]

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Advanced Tips For Screaming Frog: SEO for E-Commerce – Video

If you are the owner of a massive e-commerce website, an inbound marketer, or an SEO manager, you probably know how frustrating getting actionable information from a large e-tailing website can be. Backend code can feel inaccessible, and no one wants to deal with the intermediary of designers & developers when money’s on the table […]

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10 Essential Search Operator Combos

Using Search Operators For SEO, Digital Marketing & Competitive Research Google search operators are an amazing feature that lets you fine tune the search results for a variety of different goals. Whether looking to do a little bit of SEO on your site, learn about competitors marketing efforts, or analyze your own, these 15 queries offer […]

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Do-It-Yourself SEO Audits

An Insanely Quick & Easy Process For Analyzing Your Site For Common SEO Errors It’s no secret that there are plenty of Search Engine Marketing companies out there (Iterate included) that will offer you free or paid SEO Audits. In most cases, these will include a thorough breakdown of your technical SEO issues, content gap analysis, and a […]

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