Link To Me ~ Taylor Swift Parody

Every SEO has nights like this. Chardonnay and a warm blanket, scrolling through competitors, just seeing what they are up to these days. “Look at those low-DA links… they can’t make him happy.” “Maybe I should just pay for a few of those links myself…” “Why won’t he just link to me??”   Iterate’s own […]

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Review – The Ultimate Keyword Tool

We Test Out The “Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool” by Found As a fairly new digital marketer, one of my overarching goals is to become faster and more efficient in common pay-per-click advertising tasks. Campaign builds and ad group/keyword additions are important jobs for a PPC account manager; however, compiling hundreds, or even thousands, of […]

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Our 2016 Bing Ads Wishlist

The Bing Ads platform is wrongly ignored in many digital marketing circles as an unacceptable alternative to Google AdWords. While it is certainly locked into the second tier of the digital advertising platforms, Bing has a solid user base to serve ads to and lower costs-per-click than AdWords. This would seem to make Bing an […]

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Escaping the Inbound Marketing Valley of Death

The Inbound Marketing Valley of Death Part Two When assessing the success or failure of your marketing efforts, it’s always crucial to take a long look at the costs and goals of each channel separately. Digital pay-per-click advertising has a fairly short feedback loop between investment and return while inbound marketing tactics have a fairly […]

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