Get A Brand!

  Oh, get a Brand? Just get a Brand? Why don’t I just strap on my brand helmet, squeeze down into a brand cannon and fire off into brand land, where brands grow on brandies! “Brand Development” and “Branding” are commonly misunderstood terms, but both are crucial exercises for the longevity of your business. With […]

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3 Starting Points for a Digital Marketing Strategy

How To Start A Fresh Online Marketing Campaign You want to expand your marketing presence online. Maybe your boss is finally ready to trust the internet for more than just mobile games, or perhaps you’ve been to an event where you’ve heard about all the success your peers have been having with online sales and […]

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How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas For Your Small Business

Coffee? Check. Open document? Check. Solid understanding of the importance of content marketing for your business goals? Check. Idea for what to blog about? … Um… Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is a great digital marketing practice. The search engines love it, but more importantly your audience should find it […]

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The 4 Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketing

As digital marketers we’re tasked with taking on new clients or transitioning existing clients to another Strategist. Before we use our swiss army knife of skill sets to drive traffic to these sites, it’s best to flush out any lingering issues you have with your analytics solution of choice. After all, you’re spending hundreds of […]

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2 Tools For Shortcutting PPC Training

How to train a new Pay-Per-Click professional without any ‘knowledge leaks.’ There is no shortage of training resources for PPC/SEM novices. Getting started with the AdWords certification training materials, the Official AdWords blog, Wordstream’s PPC University, PPC Hero’s Whitepapers & Ultimate Guides, PPCChat.co and reddit.com/r/ppc is a good choice. Diving deeper into Brad Geddes Advanced […]

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The Content Marketing Booster Rocket – Paid Promotion

 Remarketing, Display and Social Ads Can Revolutionize Your Content Marketing You’ve got an awesome piece of content and you’re ready to unleash it on the world. It could be an infographic. Or a video. Or a SlideShare. The important thing is that it’s smart, it’s saying something unique, and it resonates with you target audience. […]

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