Adwords Secrets Pt. 1: How To Convert With Competitive Keywords

If you manage an Adwords account with a medium-to-small budget, you know how hard it can be to be successful with broad and short-tail keywords. Just like the Fangorn Forest, there’s just too much unknown. Due to this, there’s been a popular strategy within Adwords to only go after the long-tail keywords – They’re less […]

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Where Should Traffic Come From? Finding Your Web Traffic Mix

When many executives, Marketing Directors, and small business owners ask for web analytics data, they’re usually asking about where traffic, leads and sales come from. Most non-analysts don’t understand the possibilities and potential with web analytics, but knowing the sources where web business originates is a crucial first piece in understanding website performance. Finding that […]

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9 Things To Look Out For When Importing AdWords Campaigns into Bing Ads

  If you haven’t jumped on Bing already, now’s probably the time to start. With Bing’s own version of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) rolling out, Bing Product Ads finally picking up steam and a market share nearing 20%, with that number increasing during weekdays and working hours, now’s the time to capitalize on […]

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Basic Developer Etiquette

This document outlines the basic etiquette we expect all of our developers to follow: Perfection – We know you’re not perfect! We expect mistakes. But we expect you (and us) to learn from those mistakes to help us all be more successful with each new Task. Communicate – You need to send a message to your supervisor every […]

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How To Measure The Performance Of Your PPC Campaigns | See, Think, Do

As an PPC internet marketer, I know that my accounts perform better than what my monthly reports indicate. The problem is that it’s hard to show this performance when the classic measurement framework only values the final step in the funnel – the conversion. But what happened before the conversion? The Old Framework From my […]

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Content Writing for Businesses: What’s The Ideal Workflow?

SDC19331 by Mr Thinktank, CC2.0 Maybe you own a business that operates online. Maybe you work for such a business, and have a fancy title like “Marketing Director,” “Digital Brand Manager,” or “Internet Lady.” Or maybe you are just the unlucky employee who gets saddled with managing the website on top of your other responsibilities […]

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