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The Best Free Content Ideation Tools

  We spend a lot of time brainstorming content ideas for our clients. It’s a time consuming process that requires mental space, research skills, creativity, significant company time, and (for me) a lot of tools. Unlike the robust outreach, content production and link research tools in the inbound marketing space, content ideation tools come and […]

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Link Prospecting with Google AdWords

AdWords is an underutilized treasure trove for link builders. We know about the power of the Google Keyword Planner for new keyword ideas and ballpark search volume estimates but many are unaware of the other tools within Google AdWords that can provide a whole slew of link opportunities. Fortunately, I’ve put together a guide for […]

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How To Measure The Performance Of Your PPC Campaigns | See, Think, Do

As an PPC internet marketer, I know that my accounts perform better than what my monthly reports indicate. The problem is that it’s hard to show this performance when the classic measurement framework only values the final step in the funnel – the conversion. But what happened before the conversion? The Old Framework From my […]

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Content Writing for Businesses: What’s The Ideal Workflow?

SDC19331 by Mr Thinktank, CC2.0 Maybe you own a business that operates online. Maybe you work for such a business, and have a fancy title like “Marketing Director,” “Digital Brand Manager,” or “Internet Lady.” Or maybe you are just the unlucky employee who gets saddled with managing the website on top of your other responsibilities […]

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Advanced Tips For Screaming Frog: SEO for E-Commerce – Video

If you are the owner of a massive e-commerce website, an inbound marketer, or an SEO manager, you probably know how frustrating getting actionable information from a large e-tailing website can be. Backend code can feel inaccessible, and no one wants to deal with the intermediary of designers & developers when money’s on the table […]

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Attribution Modeling: Don’t Be A Model Idiot

We have established over the last few years that Last Click, or Last Touch attribution modeling is dead. Though our marketing platforms haven’t fully caught up to this fact (i.e. Google AdWords), analytics platforms have been working towards adapting to this change for several years. Google Analytics now includes attribution modeling with its free service, […]

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